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User friendly. “ArkCase is the primary interface for federalconference.com’s employees to perform their work every day resulting in over 40% efficiency in managing events and greatly reducing manual processing errors.” — —Mr. Davis, COO and co-founder, FederalConference.com

Partner friendly. “Parashift partnered with the ArkCase team recently for an electronic brief system for the Australian criminal justice sector. Through our dealings with the ArkCase team, we found them to be friendly and responsive to our needs. Further, they were like an extension of Parashift’s own sales team, doing what it takes to win the client. Parashift partners with several global software vendors, and we can definitely recommend them.” — —Kieren Fitzpatrick, Managing Director, Parashift, South Australia


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Personalized Dashboard

Relevant information including: incident information, participants, status, documents, tasks, and references to other complaints and cases.

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Upload existing documents or use ArkCase forms-based approach which provides a consistent way to upload case information for all participants to view. New forms are easy to create using our Forms Designer.

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Documents are written by an author, reviewed by selected peers, and approved by a supervisor. This is just one example of a typical workflow; however, there are limitless possibilities on how you can configure your workflows to meet the needs of your organization. Using a BPMN 2.0 compliant workflow engine (Activiti), workflows can be developed using compliant workflow editors like Microsoft Visio.

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Auto-assign and reassign work with specific due dates to drive efficiency. Create ad hoc tasks or associate tasks with objects (e.g. case, complaint, etc.) within the system.  Modeled after the familiar Microsoft Outlook tasks, ArkCase tasks provide an easy mechanism to manage work.

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People, Places, and Things

Every complaint and case involves people (subjects, witnesses, persons of interest), places (location of the incident, when applicable), and things (documents and information). ArkCase provides not only a space for all of that information to be entered quickly and immediately accessible but also provides contact information to be referenced in more than one complaint and case.

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Business Rules

For example, “Documents filed into this special type of case must be reviewed by General Counsel” or “All tasks must be closed before the case file can be closed.” The ArkCase rules engine supports configurations for each customer.

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Want to find information quickly? Our search capability provides a quick and easy way to search for anything which you have permissions to see: complaints, case files, documents, tasks, people, places, and things are indexed and searchable. You can filter results to quickly find information.

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Reporting and Statistics

Want to see trends and patterns?  Use the ArkCase built-in reporting feature to display complaint status, case status, and incident categories within a user-selected date range on the screen and also download for additional analysis.  The Report Designer gives you the flexibility to configure additional reports when needed.

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Records Management Integration

Information within a case should be treated as official record.  As such, ArkCase integrates with DoD 5015.02-certified records management systems (e.g. Alfresco, Documentum, FileNet, SharePoint) by automatically declaring documents as records based on configurable business events within the system.

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Most of us are in information overload.  ArkCase provides subscription capabilities so that you can subscribe to the cases or other objects in which you have interest.

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Want to get immediate notification when someone assigns you work or when subscribed items have changed? Notifications provide a one-click option to view the task assigned and complete your work so that you can move onto other things.

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Want to see who did what and when? ArkCase provides a complete audit trail, so you can monitor user activity.

Time and Cost Tracking

Time and Cost Tracking

Quickly and easily enter in hours and costs for cases or complaints. When ready, submit the final time and cost form for approval.



Save time and generate editable letters based on reusable templates with a single click. Then print or email one or more documents to the recipient. All generated documents stay in the context of the case for participants to view as needed.


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The definition of ‘Ark’ is something that affords safety and protection. The definition of ‘Case’ is an instance of a particular situation; an example of something occurring. And the two combined, Ark + Case = ArkCase.

ArkCase is more than just a place for recording complaint and case information.  It provides a secure and familiar place where people can easily and efficiently work together.  Automate. Collaborate.  Secure. Enjoy.

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