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When to use ArkCase?

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When to use ArkCase?

Long Answer:

Long answer: There are many tasks that people perform whose outcomes are predictable and therefore can be easily automated. Yet there are also many tasks whose outcomes are not so clear. These tasks are much more difficult to automate, and that is precisely when to use ArkCase—when process unpredictability is high

When to use ArkCase

Why use ArkCase?

When your other two choices are over-priced or underwhelming

Like most of you, we’ve had to choose between over-priced software that makes budgeting for other things difficult, and slopwork software that makes an otherwise great day frustrating. We knew there had to be a better way, so we created ArkCase: great software at a fair price—to the tune of 50% – 90% fairer than leading competitors

Why use arkcase

How we manage costs

Open model and freshly squeezed efficiencies

We integrate existing open source software and use our proven software development methodology to reduce excess costs and offer great software at a price accessible to many strategic initiatives. We fiercely look for areas throughout our organization where we can freshly squeeze out more efficiencies

How we manage costs

How we manage time

With a bias for action and simplicity

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Efficiency. We don’t like talking about talking.
Get things done; done right the first time

How we manage time

How we manage quality

An exacting delivery process

We are passionate about the quality of our products. Our team of expert designers, engineers, craftsmen, marketers, and data scientists build our products based on the most reliable open source technologies using our exacting delivery process to ensure exceptional quality. We strongly believe in “roll up your sleeves”

how we manage quality