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The Document Management options include:

  • CMIS Configuration
  • De-duplication Settings
  • Auto Redaction Configuration

CMIS Configuration

Use the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Configuration section to add, update, and test the CMIS connection.

Add New CMIS Connection

Click Add New CMIS Config. The New CMIS Configuration window opens.

required information for adding new CMIS connection

New CMIS Configuration1

2. Once the details have been added, the CMIS connection can be tested.

Test Connection

3. Once tested, click the OK button.

Edit an Existing Connection

1. Click the edit icon for a CMIS connection to edit the CMIS configuration.

2. Edit the configuration as needed. Click Test Connection to verify.


3. If the test is successful, click the OK button then click Save Configuration.

De-duplication Settings

Use the De-duplication settings option to locate all duplicate documents. When you select Enable de-duplication, duplicates will be displayed with a D in the documents folder.

Auto Redaction Configuration