ArkCase and You

ArkCase and You (ArkCase an Overview)

Reviewing and setting up Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is a fundamental part of using ArkCase. User roles—such as External, Consumer, Contributor, Supervisor, Administrator—will vary by organization. Your role and your organization’s configured roles in ArkCase will affect your user experience and elements like: page titles and fields, required information, business workflow, and access to case-related content.

Skills needed to use ArkCase

To navigate ArkCase, you do not need to be a computer expert. Some functions do require basic computer skills, such as the ability to enter and edit text, make selections from lists and calendars, attach files using Windows Explorer, and drag and drop objects from one place to another.

What does ArkCase do?

ArkCase is an Enterprise Case Management tool that utilizes configurable workflow, roles, tasks and rules to automate and simplify case and document management activities. Using your organizational information it is designed to track cases from start to finish. ArkCase is a good fit for almost any business that tracks some form of a case…from Human Resources to Investigations.

ArkCase gives its users an online framework–a set of adjustable case-based spaces–for organizing and streamlining their overall case processes.

ArkCase Framework

Within this framework, ArkCase can be configured, customized and integrated with external systems using ArkCase’s RESTful APIs. ArkCase users can define forms, workflow, reports, required information/fields, access roles, rules and more.

How does ArkCase help me?

ArkCase constructs a consistent format and workflow for conducting overall case management.

The tool is designed to be easily configured.  Depending on your business needs your version of ArkCase could be different than the examples you will see in the ArkCase Help pages.

Using ArkCase you configure:

  • Dashboards
  • User Group/Roles/Privileges
  • Forms
  • Workflows
  • Task/Rules
  • Reports
  • Labels
  • Lookup Tables
  • Correspondences
  • Module Names, Headings and Field Titles

ArkCase Modules

The ArkCase framework is built with modules.  Each module is a container of similar case-related information, for example modules titled “Case Files”, “Complaints” and “Tasks” are case containers of specific case, complaint, and task data.