ArkCase – Create a New Task

welcome back to our case today we’re
going to go through creating a new task
a new task and ultimately appended to a
case or a complaint or any other object
in the system today we’re going to
create a task that is an ad hoc task it
doesn’t have to be attached to any
specific case or complaint go up to new
global your top left quadrant and click
on task you click on task you’ll see a
very very similar look and feel to a
Microsoft Outlook task as you can see
here you have some of the information
already populated who it’s assigned to
if you want to change you that’s
assigned to just click on that field and
do a quick search today we’re going to
assign it to Sally so we’ll grab Sally
and add her you also have the ability to
associate this specific task to a
complaint or case like I said earlier
you can pick whether it’s a case or
complaint and then you can enter in once
you selected that parent type the actual
case or complaint number in this
situation we’re going to go ahead and
just add an actual task that is is ad
hoc so it’s not attached to any object
so we’re going to go ahead and say
please find the documents needed for
this specific request will say the start
dates today and we need her to complete
this by tomorrow you also can put in
percent complete right now at zero we
also can then add notes and say please
make this a priority once you’ve
completed all the information you can
hit the save at this point we’re saving
a task and it now dropped us right into
the task module with that specific task
selective with that specific task
selected as you can see here the
information says please find the
document needed for this request so
that’s the title of what we entered and
then some of the other metadata that was
entered this task now can be worked and
ultimately things can be done for this
so if there’s documenting to be found
you can go to the attachments you can
ultimately a detachment add documents
whatever they may be to this individual
and then you ultimately can save or
complete this individual task