ArkCase Forms Partnership with Tagence

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Vienna, V.a., February 16, 2021—ArkCase has created a strategic partnership with Tagence, an organization that uses expertise in information management to help businesses understand, control and use their data to reach goals with innovative solutions.

Together with Tagence, ArkCase is excited to further differentiate on the market and drive an increase in productivity and customer loyalty. ArkCase’s partner program is designed to help companies grow in the case management industry by providing the ArkCase platform, training, marketing and technical expertise. ArkCase’s strategic approach to creating partnerships centers on building a relationship that leaves partners valued and respected. Together, ArkCase and Tagence hope to achieve business in new markets, expand opportunities in existing ones and provide exceptional ROI to customers.

“ArkCase and Tagence have a shared vision of providing insightful and innovative solutions that will accelerate businesses forward,” said Executive Vice President Jennifer Rhodes. “This is a the start to a great partnership, and we look forward to offering our clients a low-code and open-source case management solution that is configurable for their unique needs at any size.”

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Tagence and are excited to work towards creating new opportunities together,” stated Ray Azarm, Vice President of Enterprise.

About Tagence, Inc.

Tagence, Inc. is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business that strives to accelerate businesses towards reaching their goals with intelligent, innovative, and insightful solutions. Expertise in COTS product implementations reduces development risk and increases speed to project completion. The team also has success in providing Organizational Change Management support for smooth, universal adoption of new systems and processes.

Furthermore, Tagence has more than 15 years of past performance in government and commercial system implementations. An expert leadership team guides the organization with deep familiarity with government, commercial, and nonprofit environments.


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