ArkCase – How to get ArkCase help?

in this video we’re going to show you a
little bit about how to get help in our
case as you can see here you’re on the
the default or the dashboard screen you
have your modules on your left hand side
and you also have your selection from
your actual drop-down menu here you can
either select your profile preferences
of the application or in this case help
and that’s where we’re going to spend
our time today so when you click on that
you’re going to see that our case komm
doch site will open up this is where you
can find quite a bit of information
about installation of our case also how
to use our case and that’s kind of what
we’re going to focus in on today as you
can see here you can maximize some of
this information and it allows you to
jump into specific sections if you’re
having issues say for instance updating
your profile click on your profile and
we’ll explain a little bit about the
information and how you can update your
profile and how you navigate through the
application once again if you need to
move over to see how your dashboard
works you can see the information about
your dashboard you also have the ability
obviously to search do a keyword search
here within the dock site at the end of
the day the dockside is continually
updated when new product changes have
been implemented and you can see all of
the information on this dockside once
again it’s very easy to jump to that by
just selecting from this drop-down menu
clicking help and it or browse you right
out to your doc site