ArkCase Integrates with Alfresco Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Alfresco Business Process Management (BPM) Systems

Today, we are announcing ArkCase’s new integration with Alfresco ECM and Alfresco BPM. We use our Data API and CMIS to connect to Alfresco. ” Alfresco is the ECM and BPM platform of choice for enterprises, including finance, manufacturing, health care companies, and government agencies.” said Frank Hamilton. So it’s critical to connect our Case Management system to Alfresco’s Content Management platform and Business Process engine.

“ArkCase software, which helps companies do more with less really appeals to our business units”, says Ian Rushton, Senior Vice President of Sharecare. “Companies want to manage cases, search across their enterprise, and keep their existing systems, but don’t want to use or integrate 10 different tools.”

ArkCase-Alfresco ECM Integration Boosts Case Manager Productivity

Alfresco ECM (Content Services) customers can easily access their documents from our case management system. All documents created or managed with ArkCase are stored in Alfresco. The ArkCase-Alfresco connector ships standard with ArkCase.

Key Features of the ArkCase-Alfresco ECM Integration:

  • Documents generated from ArkCase are automatically stored within Alfresco ECM
  • Documents entered in Alfresco are automatically seen within ArkCase
  • Users can search for documents in Alfresco directly in ArkCase
  • Users can associate Alfresco documents to cases in ArkCase

ArkCase-Alfresco BPM Integration Keeps Processes Centrally Managed

Alfresco Process Services customers can now use their existing business processes written with Alfresco BPM (Activiti) to drive their ArkCase cases.

Key Features of the ArkCase-Alfresco BPM Integration:

  • BPMN 2.0 processes written with Alfresco BPM can now be used to drive your business processes in ArkCase


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