ArkCase Is Veracode Verified

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Vienna Virginia, October 2019: ArkCase, a provider of open-source case management solutions, is proud to announce that it received the  CA Veracode code Standard certification. As an open source case management solution, ArkCase is trusted by government agencies and commercial customers with various case management needs and requirements.

Veracode has been in the software security business since 2006. Their current AppSec program of choice is DevSecOps Tools, a modern and promising solution. With DevSecOps, Veracode has been able to increase security scan rates and reduce the number of security issues reported. Veracode thoroughly tests software for security risks and helps avoid major breaches. Veracode also awards software products that pass their tests with security verification certificates.

Receiving the Veracode verification has been one of the goals of ArkCase, as external evidence of our dedication to producing a technical product that is intrinsically secure. Beyond point-in-time security testing, the Veracode certificate proves that ArkCase is a reliable software thanks to the entire Software Development Lifecycle. Veracode’s Standard Verified certificate proves that ArkCase has no major security issues in its first-party code. Since up to 90% of vulnerabilities occur in the application layer, DevSecOps has checked ArkCase for such vulnerabilities. These are now almost eliminated.

After receiving Veracode’s safety certificate, ArkCase has been able to reallocate resources from security to making the software richer and better for end-users. This, along with our security maintenance, will help ensure a growing customer satisfaction. Veracode Verified does matter for ArkCase. With meticulous care in our coding and software design, together with Veracode’s help, we made a solid, secure software for your business.

About ArkCase

ArkCase is an open-source case management software solution. ArkCase is flexible enough that it can provide your firm with the case management solution it needs. It can successfully meet the challenges of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Case Management. This allows you to reach different goals with the same tool and much less investment.

With its modern and mobile-friendly user interface, ArkCase has helped modernize offices and helped them achieve more, in less time, and go paperless.

Here are some of the areas ArkCase can be a perfect fit:

  • Complaint Management
  • Public Records Management
  • FOIA Request Management
  • Privacy Data Management (i.e., GDPR, CCPA, etc.)
  • Legal Case Management
  • Background Investigation
  • Human Resources Management

About Veracode

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