ArkCase Legal Case Management Impresses Merlin Foundation

VIENNA, Va., February 17, 2020—Merlin Foundation, an organization focused on improving access to justice and making legal processes and regulatory compliance more efficiently through use of Open Source cloud software, left a glowing review of ArkCase on its website. The review recommended that law firms and legal departments looking for an Open Source case management should use ArkCase in its endeavors.

“We’re thrilled to have the support and recommendation from the Merlin Foundation,” noted Vice President of Enterprise Practices, Ray Azarm. “The foundation is focused on the impact of Open Source software and public cloud computing on modern computing platforms, and we’re honored to be recognized by them.”

 ArkCase Legal Case Management solution reduces the repetitive activities associated in legal case adjudication. Features of this solution include managing deadlines, organizing client files, recording time and expense entries, coordinating communication, retrieving documents and having the ability to work from anywhere. Compliant with strict security measures such as FedRAMP, ArkCase provides a safe and secure case management system for all legal case management.


About ArkCase

ArkCase is a global leader in Open Source enterprise case management technology and provides a highly configurable, secure and compliant platform. This platform provides core competencies to modernize an enterprise solution that includes content management, personalized dashboard, AI/ML, predictive analysis, reporting and workflow. By taking advantage of the latest open source technologies, ArkCase provides a low-code environment that is cost effective to implement and maintain. For more information visit


About Merlin Foundation


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The Merlin Foundation is a non-profit corporation with a mission to improve access to justice and make legal processes and regulatory compliance more efficient through the use of open-source software. The foundation seeks people and organizations from all parts of the world who have a passion for improving the legal profession and the legal process through open source collaboration and secure cloud computing.