ArkCase Community Edition – Open Source Case Management Platform

ArkCase goes Open Source

ArkCase Case Management is a modern, flexible and scalable software specifically designed to help some key industry verticals such as FOIA, Complaint Management, Incident Management, Human Resources Management and so on. The ArkCase software is used in various government and private organizations and thanks to it, teams work more efficiently than ever.

How Companies Will Benefit From ArkCase Open Source

We decided to release ArkCase as an Open Source Case Management Platform and let teams around the world add modules/plugins for various scenarios that are unique to their organization.
Here is a list of some benefits:

  • Affordability – ArkCase is freely distributable and available for every organization that needs a fully functional out-of-the-box case management platform with the entire software stack pre-configured.
  • Security – ArkCase Open Source platform offers a secure solution for organizations that need a reliable case management platform hosted on local hardware infrastructure.
  • Flexibility – Open source platforms are far more flexible than proprietary ones. This is another key feature of ArkCase that allows businesses to build solutions based on their changing business goals or regulatory needs.
  • Speed – All the processes are optimized and quick. That means you will have more freedom to focus on your goals.
  • Future-proof – ArkCase Open Source installer comes with the full software stack, matured and reliable technology. This makes it perfect in the long run, as case management platforms should stay with organizations for a very long time.

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