Armedia’s cloud-based open-source case management platform, ArkCase, provides federal agencies with FedRAMP-compliant, AI-infused, 360-degree solutions for legal case management.

While the digital age has been a boom for generating valuable data for all facets of the healthcare and consumer industries, it’s been a double-edged sword for law firms and state/federal legal departments. The very nature of the legal profession demands an imprecise human interpretation of ambiguous laws and high-minded legal concepts that don’t often lend themselves to simple yes-no or go-no-go decisions or digital workflows. 

That’s why software engineers and computer programmers don’t adjudicate legal cases; lawyers and judges do. Proper legal case management may require constant interaction between and among multiple local intrastate district attorneys (DAs) and 50 state attorneys general (AGs), the Department of Justice (DOJ), the FBI, Defense Attorneys, and/or the Office of the General Council (OGC). 

These legal entities promulgate, process, and exchange millions of legal briefs, depositions, evidence, and court transcripts weekly. Unfortunately, this massive data haul is not uniform, which adds layers of complicated legal procedures, record-keeping problems, inaccurate documentation, and inefficient case management across the entire legal spectrum.

Armedia has bridged the gap between the digital age and human-based legal worlds. ArkCase helped solve these pressing issues by developing FedRAMP-compliant, web-based, secure, scalable, and cost-effective legal case management solutions. The solutions cater to government agencies and private law firms. In addition, ArkCase’s advanced analytics provides effective data records and case management tools that legal stakeholders need to effectively scale the burgeoning paper mountain. 

What is the ArkCase Case Management Solution? 

ArkCase is a FedRAMP-compliant case management solution that is platform-agnostic. Combined with the Alfresco Digital Business platform, ArkCase supports a Low Code open-source enterprise and legal case management system designed to accommodate disparate document processing in an advanced web-based digital platform that mitigates the need for paper-based records. ArkCase also allows government agencies and law firms to deploy their entire technology stack within a ISO27001-compliant, HITECH, or HIPAA-compliant environment as an on-premise, hybrid, or cloud-based solution. 

Private law firms and state and federal legal agencies use ArkCase to accelerate case management implementation with its efficient modular architecture. The solution modernizes in-house workflows, provides insights on cases and documents,, streamlines case data, enhances the discovery process and fact-finding efforts, and upgrades inter-office communications to mitigate employee and client complaints.

Armedia’s vast experience managing and delivering secure digital transformation projects within the cloud represents a low-risk alternative that will serve government agencies and law firms. Coupled with Armedia’s CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001 certified processes, Armedia assists agencies in their never-ending effort to manage looming deadlines and pending court dates and refine their caseload databases. This FedRAMP-compliant cloud-based platform also deploys advanced ML/AI and incorporates Kofax’s Ephesoft Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution to digitize paper documents and image processing. 

The ArkCase 360-Degree Legal Case Management Solution

The mountain of legal data is growing so high and wide that legal stakeholders need wings to rise above it. ArkCase comes to the rescue by integrating iPRO ZyLAB ONE for eDiscovery to turbocharge processing while masking personally identifiable information (PII). As a result, this scalable integrated solution provides document processing for large volumes of transcripts, emails, or digital documents during the entire case lifecycle. 

The ArkCase open-source approach also uses proven technologies and reliable business workflows to create a flexible and robust data processing system that supports state/federal agencies within a secure FedRAMP-compliant environment. ArkCase’s comprehensive 360-degree legal case management solution offers additional enhanced features, including:

  • Enhanced cloud-migration services
  • Advanced personalized dashboard
  • Improved deadline and court docket visibility
  • Innovative document retrieval solutions
  • Email and calendar integration with Microsoft Office 365 Exchange
  • Efficient and effective case tracking and client billing systems
  • Integration with AWS AI/ML microservices for advance document processing
  • FedRAMP compliance for greater cyber assurance

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Utilizes ArkCase’s Legal Case Management

NRC Office of the General Council (OGC)

The OGC manages the legal affairs of the NRC. The OGC adjudicates internal complaints relating to sexual harassment, human trafficking, Medicaid-Medicare fraud, and contract disputes, to name a few.  

NRC OGC uses ArkCase to investigate and manage intra-office fraud complaints when government employees misappropriate government resources for personal gain or access databases without proper authorization. The office gathers relevant information (files, transcripts, video, notes, etc.) and collaborates with peers to adjudicate the case. 

The OIG is known for solving the case of Robert Hanssen, the FBI agent who was arrested in 2001 for spying for Russia. 

The Benefits of ArkCase’s Modernized Legal Case Management

Armedia is an innovative Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) that is ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 27001, and CMMI DEV Level-3 Certified. The company is also authorized to offer its services and solutions via GSA Schedule 36 and 70 Contract Vehicles to support most mission-critical government programs. 

Armedia innovated ArkCase to provide an open-source, robust, viable, and cost-effective case management solution that offers federal, state, and private law firms a panoply of mission-critical FedRAMP-compliant and analytics-based tools to reduce fraud while improving inter and intra-office communications. Additionally, ArkCase showcases a comprehensive list of advantages, including:

Unrivaled Security

Armedia built 300+ cybersecurity controls to support its suite of managed services, including Hyland Alfresco and OpenText DRMS platforms. Armedia also employs RHEL FIPS 140-2 validated OpenSSL for Entropy Source, NGINX, Apache, OpenSSH, and BoringSSL tools that support FedRAMP-compliant communications, file sharing, and identity-based access. 

Innovative Document and Records Management

ArkCase manages multiple agencies’ systems and documents across multiple years and unlimited data storage for millions of records and evidence files. It also provides advanced business processes, workflows, and task order schedules. 

Open Architecture/Open-Source 

ArkCase offers a cloud-based open system that is scalable, extensible, and compatible with government agency security needs. While other programs like MyCase provide similar features, they are incompatible with the Department of Justice (DOJ), the FBI, and the Office of the General Council’s (OGC) FedRAMP requirements. 

Sophisticated Productivity and Collaboration Tools

The ArkCase and Armedia tandem provides advanced online editing, email, and calendar integration that supports Web Document Viewer to facilitate annotations, redactions, and document tagging for categorizing information. The system also promotes extensive collaboration with external stakeholders via a web-based portal that permits secure self-service registration, file sharing, and user ID. 

Open APIs for Multi-Application Integration 

Since ArkCase is platform agnostic and supports Low Code open-source enterprise applications like Armedia’s Alfresco, the program’s Application Programming Interface (API) plays nicely with web-based solutions that include eDiscovery, eSignature, and Evidence Management.

Advanced Document Search, Cloud-based Analytics, and Reporting

ArkCase provides greater insight into the vast collection of stored information. This naturally leads to more effective decision-making since hidden patterns and trends related to cases of public agencies can be discovered and adjudicated.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-infused Identification Tools

ArkCase also provides superior audio/video transcription services, AI-driven facial recognition, and OCR/ICR identity tools to supplement its robust cybersecurity protocols. 

Comprehensive Time and Cost Management Solutions

The system offers state, federal, and private legal stakeholders the ability to respond quickly to most legal caseload demands by creating auto-alerts on looming court dockets or meeting deadlines. ArkCase also allows legal stakeholders to identify and insert the most relevant clause into a working legal document in real time (smart drafting).