ArkCase Training


Customers, partners, and community admin users that invest in training will be educated for success on the ArkCase platform.  Those that receive ArkCase training will be setup for a successful install with knowledge to configure and extend the platform to meet your group’s business needs. ArkCase training will provide immediate ROI for your business, because the admins will learn to administer and address all product needs from:  configuration, customization, troubleshooting, and support.
Training classes are available in the Vienna, Virginia, United States.  Training is done in-person at the ArkCase corporate offices in Vienna, Virginia.  Additional training options, such as, remote or customer site training can be coordinated by contacting  ArkCase uses our standard training curriculum to teach all aspects of the product platform in a Basic and Advanced course offering.

Course Offerings



Training Dates

2019 Classes
Basic Training Oct. 28th – Oct. 29th | 8:30AM-4:30PM (Registration closed)
Advanced Training Oct. 30th – Nov. 1st   | 8:30AM-4:30PM (Registration closed)
Basic Training Jun. 10th – Jun. 11th  | 8:30AM-4:30PM
Advanced Training Jun. 12th – Jun. 14th  | 8:30AM-4:30PM
2020 Classes
Basic Training Jan. 20th – Jan. 21 st | 8:30AM-4:30PM
Advanced Training Jan. 22nd – Jan. 24th | 8:30AM-4:30PM


Course Pricing

  • ArkCase 101 – Basic Admin Training Course
  • $1,495/per participant
  • Basic training is for customers, partners, and community users interested in learning about the core product. It’s recommended for all basic users and those seeking to learn more about the product.
  • Prerequisites:
  • In-person two-day class
  • This course focuses on:
    • Product Introduction
    • Use Cases
    • Business Training
    • UI Administration
    • Product Demonstration
  • Email for group rates:
  • Register For ArkCase 101 Training
  • ArkCase 201 – Advanced Admin Training Course
  • $1,995/per participant
  • Advanced training is a technical training course focused on application development with ArkCase. Participants will extend ArkCase with JAVA and Agular.
  • Prerequisites:
    Basic knowledge of ArkCase, basic programming with JAVA and/or Angular.
  • In-person three-day class
  • This course focuses on:
    • Architecture Overview
    • Extend the Complaint module
    • Extend Security
    • Extend Workflow
    • Create New Modules
    • Create a Report
    • ArkCase Product Community
  • Email for group rates:
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Why Attend

Ray TestimonialRay Azarm. VP of Enterprise Practice.

We’re doing a technical administrator training for ArkCase case management platform primarily for two types of audience: one is our partners, second is our end customer.

And the idea is really a deep dive into each of the components of the application and really get a good understanding of what the application can do for them.

One of the benefits of having a hands-on live training is the ability to be able to connect with your audience. I personally like that you can put a name to a face, you can get to know them technically, and ultimately you’re trying to adapt to what their goal is out of this training.

Jeff Wolff testimonialJeff Wolff. Director, E-Discovery Solutions, ZyLab.

Hi my name is Jeff Wolff. I’m with a company called Zylab. My company is looking to partner and evaluating partnership with Armedia or ArkCase integration to a FOIA solution. I’m expecting a good deep dive of the product as well as the architecture of the stack the UX the API integration points. Our specific interest lies in the FOIA solution, so I am trying to learn as much as I can about what functionality currently exists, what APIs are available, what integration points there are, how that would integrate with our solution. That would be the Armedia folks as well as any other partners I notice that there are other partners here this week, so it’s good to learn from them as well.