ArkCase v3.2.0 – New Powerful Features

As you may know by now, ArkCase provides you with an adaptive case management platform that is dynamic to fulfill all your business requirements. But, do you want to improve the productivity and efficiency of your organization further?

Today is your lucky day! We are introducing the ArkCase v3.2.0 new powerful features which include a lot of enhanced functionalities from contact management, to enhanced workflow designer integration, to log analytics module. Check them out.

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Contact Management

The new People and Organization ArkCase module is a flexible contact management functionality that helps you easily and more effectively add new contacts from Complaints, Case Files, and Forms.

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Enhanced Correspondence Management

The enhanced Correspondence Management functionality in the new version ArkCase v3.2.0 provides you with the ability to manage all the correspondence template documents. You can also manage merge term values used in those documents, which you could not do in the previous version of ArkCase. With the enhanced correspondence management, you can now:

  • Make templates for specific object types (Case, Complaints)
  • Upload, version, and delete correspondence templates
  • Restore to previous versions of templates
  • Download and view templates
  • Make templates active or not
  • Update merge terms
  • Modify merge terms

ArkCase v3.2.0 Enhanced Correspondence Management

Document Repositories

The document repository module in the new ArkCase v3.2.0 allows you to create new repositories to store all the documents that are not directly related to cases and other objects in the system. This repository module enables you to organize these documents so you can collaborate, version, and use them as a central repository of organization documentation. You can see all the functionalities in the document repositories module here.

ArkCase v3.2.0 document management


Enhanced Email Functionality

With the ArkCase enhanced email feature, you can send emails directly from the ArkCase application, instead of having to go to a separate email tool to send an email. The enhanced email functionality provides:

  • Email outgoing and incoming into objects (Cases, Complaints)
  • Email with or without attached documents
  • Send email as attachments or links
  • Email Templates
  • Email Wizard

ArkCase v3.2.0 Enhanced Email Functionality

Enhanced Calendar Functionality

The enhanced calendar feature of the new ArkCase v3.2.0 version provides you with the ability to manage calendar events for an object. The functionality goes through a wizard to create the event. The enhanced calendar feature provides:

  • Share Calendar syncing with Outlook
  • Calendar Event Creation Wizard
    • Add Optional and Required Attendees
    • Start and End Dates
    • Event Comments
    • Reoccurrences
    • Attachment(s)
    • Reminders
    • Location
    • Subject
  • Event deleting
  • Event editing

ArkCase v3.2.0 Enhanced Calendar Functionality

Enhanced Workflow Designer Integration

The enhanced workflow designer integration provides you with the ability to manage all the aspects of designing, creating, updating, and enhancing workflow. The workflow designer feature provides:

  • Version control of Active Workflows
  • Quick Access to workflow designer
    • Version Control of workflow
    • Deleting
    • Editing
  • Previews of Workflow Diagram(s)

ArkCase v3.2.0 Enhanced Workflow Designer Integration

Enhanced Report Designer Integration

The enhanced report designer integration provides you with the ability to manage all the aspects of designing, creating, updating, and enhancing canned reports. The report designer feature provides:

  • Role-Based Access Control around each report
  • Simple and easy publishing of new reports
  • Quick Acess to report designer
    • Creating
    • Deleting
    • Editing

ArkCase v3.2.0 Enhanced Report Designer Integration


The internationalization feature provides you with the ability to set your preference on language within the Application. This feature allows you an easy access and a simple way to change your language preference from any page in the application as needed.

ArkCase v3.2.0 Internationalization

Enhanced Queue Module

With the enhanced Queue Module you can configure a queue-based workflow around specific states. That means you can configure the queue workflow to jump to multiple different queues in the overall workflow from any of the different queues.

ArkCase v3.2.0 Enhanced Queue Module

Enhanced User Interface Configuration

The new ArkCase v.3.2.0 has enhanced User Interface Configuration that will help you (the admin) configure many aspects of your ArkCase Application. Available user interface configuration features in the new administration module include:

  • Document Management – CMIS Configuration
  • Workflow Configuration – Workflow Designer
  • Reports Configuration – Report Designer
  • Security
    • Calendar Credentials Configuration
    • Microsoft Exchange Configuration
    • Document Delivery Policy
    • LDAP User Management
    • Calendar Configuration
    • Email Templates
    • Modules
  • Application
    • Lookups Configuration
    • Label Configuration
  • Branding – Logo

ArkCase v3.2.0 Enhanced User Interface Configuration

Enhanced Document Management

With the enhanced document management feature, you can manage all aspects of a document. The document management enhanced functionalities are as follows:

  • Folders
    • Create New Folders
    • Rename Folders
    • Delete Folders
  • Documents
    • View document in ArkCase viewer
      • Annotation
      • Redaction
      • stamps
    • Create of Correspondences
    • Uploading of document
    • Online Editing
      • Version-Controlled
      • Word and PDF
    • Kick off new task to review documents
    • Emailing Document(s)
    • Offline Editing
      • Version-Controlled
      • Cancel Editing
      • Check-out
      • Check-in
    • Download in Native format
    • Declared as Record
    • Drag and Drop
    • Rename
    • replace
    • Delete
    • Paste
    • Copy
    • Cut

ArkCase v3.2.0 Enhanced Document Management

Rich Media Support – Video & Audio Streaming

The document management functionality of ArkCase supports a lot of types of media, including video and audio files. ArkCase can stream, store, or download these files in native format. Also, you can transcribe a video or audio file directly from the viewer page.

Rich Media Support Video & Audio Streaming

Tags Module

The Tags Module improves your information for future discovery. The Tags Module allows you to search for objects with tags that have been added during the indexing process. Once you search for the tags, you can sort, export, hyperlink the results to get directly to the object.

ArkCase v3.2.0 tags module

Log Analytics Module

The Log Analytics Module provides you the ability to run metrics and ad-hoc reports/queries against the system logs. The analytics are driven by ELK (Elastic, Logstash, and Kibana) stack.

ArkCase v3.2.0 Log Analytics Module

Always Be Few Steps Ahead of Your Competitors

So how does this all sound for improving the productivity and efficiency of your organization even further? With implementing all these enhanced, powerful features to the new ArkCase v3.2.0 version, we wanted to make sure that your business is a few steps ahead of your competitors. If you have any other features in mind that you would like one case management solution to have, then feel free to reach us out, and we will make it happen. Don’t forget to share this with your friends on the social networks so they can improve their businesses too.


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