arkcase solution overview

ArkCase FOIA Solution Overview

In this presentation I want to touch a few concepts related to the FOIA process, the first concept will talk about the ...
Modern FOIA Solution Webinar Demo

Modern FOIA Solution Webinar (DEMO Only)

okay thanks Jane alright so before we actually get into is there’s a lot we want to cover for our pageboy yeah but I do want to give you kind of a high-level story of what we’re actually going to show… ...
arkcase transcript functionality

ArkCase – Transcription Functionality

The transcribe functionality is ArkCase the product integrated with AWStranscription service. In this video, you can see ...
Modern FOIA Solution Webinar (Full Webinar)

Modern FOIA Solution Webinar (Full Webinar)

Brief overview of what and who Armedia is, what we do and a quick question and answer session. ...

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