Background Investigation


Background Investigations are a critical task in ensuring that candidates are properly vetted as suitable for employment and in determining which facilities, systems, and information they can access. The complexity of background investigation processes cannot be understated. While the process demands thorough inquiry, conducting comprehensive and timely investigations relies on using a case management system that facilitates both. The accurate tracking of all background investigation elements, in real time and historically, is crucial for organizations to meet reporting and accountability standards.


  • Repetitive case research
  • Delay-causing errors in processing cases
  • Not maintaining case staff audit trails
  • Inefficiencies in processing cases
  • Not meeting organization, state or federal compliance


  • Run reports to meet internal and various compliance requirements
  • Ability to open, re-open, and close cases
  • Determine recommended remedies
  • Track individual cases at each stage
  • Prioritize cases based on various filters


  • Improve resource management
  • Maintain consistent audit procedures
  • Reduce the cost of processing background investigations
  • Shortening processing time for all background investigation cases
  • Ensure compliance with organization, state, and federal regulations
  • Incorporating key processes such as waiver and clearance adjudication
  • Increases data quality by eliminating recurring errors and repetitive data entry

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