ArkCase Leverages Amazon Transcribe For Multimedia Transcription

  Did you know that on average, the industry standard for transcribing one hour of clear audio is 6-8 hours of manual transcription time? This is a 4:1 ratio for clear audio. What if the audio quality is poor?  Manually transcribing poor audio could take up to nine hours to transcribe one hour (9:1) totaling […]

Modernizing Legal Case Management – Why Adopt A Modern Legal Case Management Software

In recent times, we are witnessing that information technology is finding its way into almost every office. It is very hard for businesses (particularly law firms) to manage their processes, be more productive, and attract more clients without the added assistance of computers and software. Law firms should start adopting a modern legal case management […]

ArkCase v3.2.0 – New Powerful Features

As you may know by now, ArkCase provides you with an adaptive case management platform that is dynamic to fulfill all your business requirements. But, do you want to improve the productivity and efficiency of your organization further? Today is your lucky day! We are introducing the ArkCase v3.2.0 new powerful features which include a […]

Less can be More: Discovering the Key Metrics for ROI from Healthcare Case Management Software

Having a good healthcare case management software, such as ArkCase, is an important best practice for your organization. After deciding on your case management software, it’s important to take stock of the current state of the patient care program. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the key outcomes you’ll want […]

Adaptive Case Management or Business Process Management: Which Is Better For Improving Business Processes?

Traditional business process improvement methods are becoming too slow and inadequate. Usually, department managers worked on modeling the processes, monitor the execution, made conclusions, and used the emerging knowledge to improve processes. To make all this work, managers rely on Business Process Management solutions. Using this BPM improvement approach in today’s highly dynamic world is […]

ArkCase Integrates with Alfresco Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Alfresco Business Process Management (BPM) Systems

Today, we are announcing ArkCase’s new integration with Alfresco ECM and Alfresco BPM. We use our Data API and CMIS to connect to Alfresco. ” Alfresco is the ECM and BPM platform of choice for enterprises, including finance, manufacturing, health care companies, and government agencies.” said Frank Hamilton. So it’s critical to connect our Case […]

Modern Case Management: How Innovative Human Resources Departments Manage Incident Reporting

Usually, people hear of the Human Resources departments when there is a new hire, or there is a problem with someone in the organization. Both small and big Human Resources teams own the task of improving and maintaining the quality of work environment for all employees. Taking this big world of challenges and putting it […]

Records Management Software: What You Need To Know Before You Buy

Modern records management software is designed to control records within an organization systematically and to offer key personnel an easy and quick access to any piece of information needed. Such software will help manage records in any format. But evaluating, selecting, and buying records management software depends on several factors. Not every system is right […]

Case Management For Your Legal Department – 6 Benefits You Need To Know For Legal Case Management Software

Case management software can help a law firm or Office of General Counsel (OGC) manage its cases, firm matters, and clients. While case management software has been around for some time, there are still firms who haven’t invested in it yet. But, recently, more and more law firms are finally implementing this very useful software […]

Top 3 Case Management Pitfalls to Avoid – Discover What Is Killing Your Department

We live in days of narrowing expertise and high technology. Agencies and organizations continually change their structures to follow legislation and to improve their productivity. And, it’s hard to keep up with the changes. The best way to achieve these goals is to use an adaptive and dynamic case management system. Case management systems like […]

March 2017: ArkCase Case Management Goes Open Source

ArkCase Case Management is a modern, flexible and scalable software that we have been building for a long time. We have invested millions of dollars in this software and have configured it to some key industry verticals such as FOIA, Complaint Management, Incident Management, Human Resources Management and so on. This software is used in […]

Alfresco Seminar In New York City 

In today’s fast growing industry, digital technology is changing the business environment in every possible way. All these changes create potential problems in the organization, particularly in the effectiveness and productivity of the team. Just for a moment, imagine the perfect organization. An organization designed around collaborative teamwork, with a high level of security and […]