View the Calendar

The Calendar section displays events for the case on a calendar which is integrated with Microsoft Outlook Calendar. On the case treeview, select Calendar. The current month opens. You can page through previous and later months using the arrows.

Add an Event

1. To add an event, click the icon button on the calendar section title bar. The new event window opens.

2. Click in the Required Attendees field and search for attendees. You can also enter additional attendees in the field on the Choose Attendees window.

3. Click Add Attendees. You can add Optional Attendees.

Complete the required and optional information as needed.

4.  Click Next.

5. Enter Comments if necessary.

6. Click Next.

7. Attach Documents if necessary.

8. Click Add New Event. 

The event is saved.

Attendees will receive email invitations. The invitations are Outlook meeting invitations that are added to the attendees’ Outlook calendar.

Delete an Event

To delete an event from the event calendar, select it from the calendar. The Event Details window opens.

Click Delete. Confirm to delete the event, or cancel to keep it. The system sends out an email with the cancellation.