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Steps to configure the Search Facets:

Note: Faceting is done on indexed values.

1. All of the search facets are defined in the config file “.arkcase/acm/”, see below:

Steps to configure the Search Facets

2. The structure of the facet is the following:

facet.assignee_full_name_facet=Assignee Full Name

  • is prefix for defining facets after which follows the Solr index name.
  • assignee_full_name is the name of Solr index name. In order to use any Solr index as facet, it must be indexed as “_s” – string or “_lcs” – lower case string.
  • _facet is a suffix after the name of the Solr index.
  • Assignee Full Name is a user friendly name for the facet which will be shown on the GUI.

Note: For indexes of data type the prefix and suffix should be:

  • date. ­is the prefix
  • _tdt is the suffix

Ex. Date