Correspondence Management


Consider how your employees spend their time. How much of their day is spent creating, sending, and receiving correspondences? According to a report conducted by the Delphi Group, 60% of an employee’s day is spent working, in one form or another, with records and documents.

Correspondence management tools can save precious time and resources through customizable document templates, forms, HTML templates, and more. A correspondence management tool can ingest email, organize your documents, manage retention, and provide quick and easy searching capabilities.


· Inability to search correspondences or attachments
· Lost correspondence
· Lack of organization
· Challenging to use other third-party tools
· Inefficiencies in managing external / internal communication


· Document annotation and redaction
· Records Management integration
· Correspondence templates
· Personalized dashboard
· Document management
· Search and reporting
· Queue management
· Workflow builder


· Manage the creation, revision, approval, and consumption of documents
· Risk mitigation through effective governance of corporate information
· Simple and easy drag-and-drop form and template builder
· Easy information tracking with built-in search functionality
· History tracking with version control and revision history
· Full control over document creation, revision, and approval
· Enhanced, compliant document security