Create a Request or Appeal

1. To create a request in ArkCase FOIA, click +New.

2. Select Request from the menu.

The New Request window opens.

3. Select New Request or Appeal from the Request Type drop-down. If you select Appeal, search for the related request. Select the request from the list.

4. Edit the Received Date as needed.

5. Select a Request Category.

6. Select a Delivery Method.

After you choose the category and delivery method, Section 2 opens to add contact information for the requester. If you are creating an appeal, the requester information is populated.

7. Complete the required and optional information. To add a new user to the portal, select the checkbox. This will allow the requester to log in to the portal to receive documents or file an appeal.

8. Complete Section 3, description. You can add files to support your request.

9. Complete Section 4, processing fees.

10. Click Create Request. The new request/appeal is processed and will be listed on the Intake queue or the Appeal queue.