Creating, Editing, Sending a Costsheet for Approval

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Creating a New Costsheet

Creating a New Costsheet

There are three ways to create a new Costsheet form within ArkCase FOIA. One way is from the Global New button next to the ArkCase FOIA logo in the top left of the webpage. The second way is click on the Cost Table on a Request. The third way is by clicking the New Costsheet button from within the Cost Tracking module.

From the Global New menu button

1. On the page banner, click the Global New button new botton

Global New menu button

2. Select the Costsheet button from the menu and a blank expense form will open.

From the Cost Table in the Request Module

1. Click the cost table on one of the request and click the plus sign to populate a new Costsheet.

From the Cost Table in the Request Module

From the Cost Tracking Module

1. Click on the New Costsheetto populate a new Costsheet.

From the Cost Tracking Module


Creating a new Costsheet

1. A new Costsheet form will open after selecting one of the three options to create a new Costsheet.

Creating a new Costsheet

Note: Required fields are outlined in red.

Costsheet Elements for new Costsheet

User  is the owner of the costsheet.
Status  system assigns, updates to Draft at first save
Type opens a dropdown list for selection. Choose from the list the type for your costsheet.
Code opens a search page for an object. Type in the information in the search bar of the request you want expenses to be added to.
Date select the date that the expense was incurred.
Title is the type of expense. Select from the dropdown to chose the type of expense you are adding.
Description is where you can describe the type of expense. (ie: a hotel or restaurant name)
Amount enter in the amount.
Details use text field to enter information relevant to the expense form.
Approver opens a search page for user/group. Select one or more approvers and the owning group from the list, before submitting the expense form
Save creates the new form and applies updates to the form until it is sent for approval
Send for Approval moves the form to the approver or approvers
Cancel closes the form without saving new information


Editing a Costsheet

Edit Costsheet From the Cost Tracking Module

1. Click the Edit Costsheet button located in the Cost Tracking module for that specific Costsheet.

Edit Costsheet From the Cost Tracking Module

Edit Costsheet From the Request Module

1. Click the edit icon located on the cost table.

From the Cost Table in the Request Module

Edit Costsheet

2. An editable Costsheet form will open after selecting the Edit Costsheet button.

Editable Costsheet form


3. To modify existing information, re-select or re-enter the update. The Balance field recalculates when changes are made to the Amount column.

4. To add expenses to the form, click the plus green icon button at the line you want to add the expense. A new entry line is created.

5. Select and enter the information in the fields required to define the new expense.

6. To remove an expense from the form, click the - icon button.

7. Click Update botton to update the expense form. The form will close when the save is complete.

8. To close the form without saving updates, click cancel - botton.

Saving a Costsheet

1. During the process of completing/editing the Costsheet, you can save at any time by clicking the Save/Update button at the bottom of the Costsheet.

 New Costsheet                                  save-blue

Editing Existing Costsheet                Update botton

Note: You can cancel anytime while creating/editing a Costsheet.

Sending a Costsheet for Approval

1. From the Costsheet select and approver and click Send for Approval once you have completed all the required field in the Costsheet.

Sending a Costsheet for Approval

Note: If a submitted expense form requires change or additional information, the approver returns it to the owner. As the owner, you receive a Rework Costsheet task that includes a copy of the expense form and describes the rework required. If your specific configuration doesn’t involve a Costsheet approval workflow, the Send for Approval button won’t be available.

Approving an Expense Form

When the owner sends an expense form for approval, the approver(s) selected on the form receives a Review Costsheet task. The task includes a due date for completion.

1. Open the task from your dashboard (My Tasks widget) or from the Tasks

2. Review the expense form.

  • To only view the form, click the title (.PDF document) in the Documents Under Review section title bar. The expense form opens in a new window.
  • To make changes, click Edit Costsheet on the Documents Under Review section title bar. The expense form opens in a new window. Click Save to retain updates to the expense form. Use Cancel to close without saving.

3. Make any updates to the task. For example:

  • Add comments or descriptions in the Task Details or Notes (Use the Task Details space when you need rich text options such as formatting text and inserting links and a variety of file types.)
  • Associate files to the task. The Attachments (Documents) section is a Windows Explorer-like tree view structure in which you can upload files from your desktop and share drives, and create folders.

4. To approve the expense form, click the Approve Document button located in the Summary space of the task page.