Creating, Editing, Sending a Timesheet

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Creating a New Timesheet

There two ways to create a new Timesheet within ArkCase. One way is from the Global New button next to the ArkCase logo in the top left of the webpage. The other way is by clicking the New Timesheet button from within the Time Tracking module.

From the Global New menu button.

new timesheet

1. On the page banner, click the Global New button.

2. Select the Timesheet button from the menu and a blank Timesheet will open.

From the Time Tracking module

1. Click the New Timesheet button located above the hour details to open a blank Timesheet.

New timesheet

2. A new Timesheet form will open after selecting one of the two options to create a new timesheet.


3. In the time entry grid of the form, select the type from the dropdown list.

4. Open the Charge Code dropdown list and select an associated code.

5. To add lines to the form, click the  Add icon button at the line you want to add on after. A new entry line is created.

6. Log in the hours in the columns identified for each day. ArkCase automatically calculates totals by day and by code.

7. To associate an approver (or approvers), select a name from the Approver list. At least one approver must be assigned to the time sheet when you submit it.

8. To add approvers, click the Add icon button and select a name from the Approver list.

9. To remove an approver from the form, click the  remove icon button.

10. Click save icon to update the form. The button changes to read Please wait and closes the form when the save completes.

11. To close the form without saving updates, click cancel icon.

Saving a Timesheet

1. During the process of completing the Timesheet, you can save at any time by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the Timesheet.

saving a timesheet

Note: You can cancel anytime while creating a Timesheet.

Sending a Timesheet for Approval

1. From the Timesheet select and approver and click Send for Approval once you have completed all the required field in the Timesheet.

saving a timesheet