Customizing your dashboard

welcome to our case today we’re gonna
customize our dashboard when we log into
our case we’re going to land on the
dashboard screen as you can see our
dashboard screen is our landing page
you’ll notice that I have many different
widgets already on my dashboard this
dashboard is specific to an Anderson the
user that’s logged in but if an Anderson
wanted to modify her dashboard all she
has to do is click on the edit she has a
couple different options at this point
she can either add a new widget so she
decides to add a new widget she clicks
on the widget she would like to add and
it adds it to her actual screen as you
notice we have two widgets of the same
name so we can delete one of those we
also have the ability to drag and drop
and move the actual widgets around to
the location that we want them at in
addition you can change the actual
layout so if I wanted to change the
layout I select my new layout close out
and you’ll notice I still have the
ability to manipulate my dashboard
according to how I want the layout to be
once I’m done I can save that’s how you
update your dashboard