When you sign in to ArkCase FOIA, you land on your dashboard. The dashboard includes sections called widgets that can display your tasks, requests, overdue requests, consultations, and other information.

Customize your Dashboard

1. Sign in to ArkCase FOIA. Your dashboard opens.

2. Click the edit icon at the top right.

The dashboard menu is shown.

The icons shown are:

  • Add
  • Edit layout
  • Save
  • Undo

You can choose the Edit layout icon to change the structure of your dashboard. Select a layout, then click Close.

Add a Widget

1. Click the Add icon to choose from a list of widgets to add.

2. Select a widget from the list. The widget is added to your dashboard. Repeat as needed.

3. Click the Save icon .


Arrange or Remove Dashboard Widgets

You can arrange or delete widgets as needed.

Click the edit icon if necessary. Each widget has an edit menu.

The menu has icons for:

  • Reload to update the widget information
  • Move to drag the widget to a new location on the page
  • Edit widget configuration to add a description and set a row count (if applicable)
  • Delete.

After making any changes, remember to save your updates by clicking the Save button.

Change the Description of a Widget

1. Click in the Description text field and add or edit content.

2. Click Apply to save the change and close the dialog box.

Other Configurations

Depending on widget content, other changes may be available.

websites widget

1. Click the drop-down (arrow-down) button to view available options.

2. Select an option from the list.

3. Click Apply to save the change.

4.  Remember to Save Changes. Any changes will not be applied if they are not saved once you are finished editing.