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Frontend Architecture

Introduction Application Architecture Deployment Permissions Depends on user roles some UI controls can be disabled or hidden. To control UI control access permission directive can be applied:   <button permission="submitRequest"...

Frontend Development

Translation Angular Translate API   Resources Location All module's resources are stored in module/module_config/resources/en.json JSON file.   Resources Style Guide Use camelCase notation to describe resources string.   Correct: "moduleDescription":...

Frontend Documentation

Introduction To automate documentation generation we use ngdoc extension of jsdoc. Review this document that contains available directives list: AngularJS Documentation Doc-server builds documentation for directives and services only. That's why these objects MUST be...

Frontend Performance Optimization

Translate resources Use translate directive instead of filters. Using translate directive   Use One Time Binding AngularJS one-time binding syntax Exploring One-Time Bindings In AngularJS 1.3