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Information Management

The convergence of CRM, BPM and ECM meet at ArkCase

Automate your processes in to streamlined workflows. ArkCase provides a graphical user interface so business users can automate their business process.  ArkCase embeds a BPMN compliant workflow engine which allows users to create business processes in the BMPN compliant editor of their choice

Manage your information in context. Understanding that a case is a collection of related information (forms, documents, entities, tasks, etc.).  ArkCase is being used to modernize a wide variety of business solutions to include Compliant Management, FOIA, Medical Release of Information, Docket Management, Investigative, Loans, Legal, Human Resources, Procurement, Contracts, Executive Correspondence, Correspondence Management, etc.

Work together to complete workflow and tasks faster. ArkCase provides a single repository for users to collaborate and provide quick disposition their information and tasks

Manage your contacts. ArkCase provides an intuitive mechanism to manage the organizations and the people associated with your business solution

Enrich your information for future discovery. ArkCase allows users to add tags to cases, documents, tasks, etc. to categorize and enrich information.  Users can then search using tags and filter results to discover information stored in the repository

Track your work.  Ad hoc and automated tasks are created to formally assign work to users.  Tasks are linked to their parent object (i.e. case, compliant, docket, loan, etc.)

Track your time and expenses. ArkCase allows users to manage the time and expenses associated with their case (Complaint, FOIA Request, Contract, etct).  Time and expense forms can be saved as draft and submitted for approval once completed

Something Missing?

Is a feature missing that is a deal-breaker? Go ahead and submit a feature request and we will evaluate it. We are constantly fielding feedback from our current and future customers to build solutions they actually want and need.

Data Collection & Management

Extend your existing ECM platform (e.g. any CMIS compliant repository to include Alfresco, FileSystem, OpenText Documentum, Nuxeo, SharePoint, etc.) to modernize and simplify your digital initiative

Manage and organize your information. ArkCase extends an organization’s enterprise document and records repository to provide a wide range of document library services (i.e. check-in, check-out, versioning, emailing, etc.).  By leveraging the CMIS standard, ArkCase supports over 40 enterprise content management systems to include Alfresco, DocuShare, Hyland OnBase, OpenText Documentum, Nuxeo, SharePoint, etc

Work efficiently. ArkCase allows multiple users to simultaneously edit documents online.  No need to download locally, edit and upload at some future point.  Simple edit online, save and exit with done

Quickly access video and audio information. ArkCase provides streaming for rich media information.  Large video (i.e. body camera video or interviews) or audio files can be consumed in seconds versus waiting minutes for the file to download.  In addition, while the file is being viewed or heard, the user can transcribe, annotate, create notes, and tag the file to collaborate with other users.

With AWS AI integration, audio and video files can be automatically transcribed making the text searchable for discovery.  AWS Comprehend is used to provide natural language processing (NLP) that uses machine learning to find insights and relationships in text — no machine learning experience required.

Comply with regulations and policies. ArkCase provides retention services (i.e. archive or destroy after xx years from closure.  In addition, ArkCase extends your enterprise records management platform to comply with DOD 5015 providing retention, disposition, legal holds, audit, etc.

Quickly engage others users within the system by using the @John Doe within any of the text boxes within the system.  John Doe will get a notification (i.e., email) with the note and an embedded link to the text that referenced the user.

Low code & Highly Configurable

Reduce the time to value and risk by minimizing the amount of custom code

Know what’s going on. ArkCase audits user and system generate events and provides access to authorized users.  Users can see a chronological view of the events of the system or their case, task, compliant, etc.  ArkCase also integrates with your log management system so logs can be aggregated and analyzed for suspicious behavior

Make the system yours.  ArkCase allows users to personalize their solution with logos and configuring the colors to comply with their brand and style guides

Work in your language. ArkCase provides support for multiple languages to include Spanish and Chinese and provides a configurable framework to add or extend languages if they are not provided OOTB

Configure to your terms.  The terms within the application can be easily configure via the Administrative Console.  If you want case to say docket or loan or audit or any other business term, it takes seconds for business users to make the solution configured to their needs

Manage the users of the system.  ArkCase allows administrative users the ability to quickly provision user and grant them the appropriate roles/privileges so they can be productive immediately

Configure and manage work items through structured queues.  ArkCase provides a configurable queue model that allows organization to manage cases and work items through structured queues as with loans or FOIA or Exec Correspondence solutions

Data Visualization & Reporting

What good is storing your information if you can report and visualize the data so you can make decisions based on the information

Mine your data.  ArkCase provides an analytics module for ad hoc querying of information

Filter search results.  ArkCase provides a configurable set of facets that can be used to quickly filter search results

Consume information in a way that makes sense to you.  ArkCase provides a mechanism to create additional dashboard widgets that can be associated to roles.  Once associated to a user’s role, the user can add the dashboard widget to their dashboard

Track your KPIs.  What good is collecting information if you can’t track it.  ArkCase allows users to create reports real-time or have them run on a periodic basis and delivered to the appropriate parties


Within an enterprise, software must be able to integrate with other system.  ArkCase was developed with an open architecture using open standards to support integration within your enterprise.  ArkCase exposes its services as RESTful endpoints

Sync your cases with your calendar.  ArkCase integrates with calendaring system like Exchange to provide a common calendar for the case that can be access via mobile devices and your calendar client (i.e. Outlook)

Manage users within Active Directory / LDAP.  ArkCase integrates with an organizations directory service to synchronize users and groups.  Simply provision your users in AD and it’s synched to ArkCase

Communicate with your partners.  ArkCase allows users to email into and out of a case.  Users can send information as an attachment or a link.  Links can be configured with a time bound token (i.e. expire in 3 days) for external users

Store your information where you want it.  ArkCase natively integrates with over 40 ECM repositories to include Alfresco, AWS Elastic File System, Documentum, Nuxeo, and SharePoint

Associate your organizations and their contacts with cases.  ArkCase integrates with CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce to search and associate entities with cases


Who cares how good your application is if it’s not secure.  ArkCase was developed with security as a primary component and has been deployed to comply with FedRAMP, HIPAA, HITECH and other security controls

ArkCase is tested to ensure compliance with accessibility guidelines and policies

Strengthen your authentication. ArkCase supports CAC authentication increasing the security of the application

Protect your information.  ArkCase uses RBAC to protect information once a user has authenticated with the application

Reduce burden on IT.  Users can reset passwords without having to contact Administrators

Simplify login.  ArkCase supports SSO simplifying access for users

Protect your data.  Grant or deny access that will override roles (i.e. Case is open but no access to John Doe)

Analyze user activity.  ArkCase embeds Elastic, Kibana and Logstash (ELK) stack to analyze and visualize user activity

Platform Agnostic

ArkCase is platform agnostic increasing options for customers

Take advantage of the cloud.  ArkCase is cloud friendly and has been implemented as a FedRAMP offering by our partners

Deployment within your data center.  ArkCase can easily be deployed on physical or virtual machines within your data center