Filter on Facets

welcome to our case today we’re going to

show you how to search and filter your
results when you log into our case
you’ll land on the home screen or the
dashboard screen you can utilize your
simple search with leads you directly
into the search module and you can use
this simple search from any other page
we’re going to click on the search
module today and when you land on the
search module you’ll see that you can
type in any metadata search this will
search the current across all the
metadata and full index searching the
current against documents as you can see
we searched on investigation and we pull
back and have the results set in this
result set you’ll notice we have a set
of configurable categories or facets
each of these facets can be narrowed
down on as you can see here there are
quite a few facets out of the box these
are available to you but once again you
can configure these to meet your
business requirements for instance if I
wanted to narrow down on the Parana
specific set of facets specifically
maybe the user that created it samuels
facets is going to update my list I can
then narrow down on a specific object
type like maybe a file a document file
and it narrows down to my results set as
you can see here you have a now narrowed
down search result set due to the facets
that you’ve selected that’s how you
search and narrow down by facets