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ArkCase FOIA provides Search options for locating application content, including requests, people, organizations, and documents. The range of content searched depends on the type of search and your permissions.

ArkCase FOIA has two types of search.

Simple Search

A simple search is available in each module. The simple search is limited to the titles of the current module, for example, Organizations.

The simple search is useful for finding one or more items in a long list of requests, tasks, people, organizations, or document repositories. The text entered in the text box must match the titles in the list. You can use * as a wild card to find matches.

Advanced Search

You can start an Advanced Search from the global banner or the Search module. The advanced search applies to all content stored in the system.

The predictive search feature presents options as you type in the search box. You can use partial words or exact searches (such as “John Doe”).

The advanced search scans all stored request, tasks, documents, people, organizations, etc. Search results return in the Search module. The results are limited to only the data that you have permissions to access.

When the results return, you can use the facets–filters that appear in the facet tree – to narrow the content of search results.