FOIA / Public Records


Growing FOIA / Public Records requests submitted by citizens is pushing these agencies to their limits. At the same time, agencies are expected to do more work and save more resources. The result: tension.

ArkCase has created a FOIA / Public Records solution that helps just that: get more work done and do it under budget. ArkCase Open Source case management solution is used as the foundation, while the FOIA / Public Records module is used as a solution component for this particular use case..
Here are some reasons as to why FOIA /Public Records agencies should put ArkCase on their shortlist.


· Providing continuous visibility to stakeholders
· Efficiently creating response correspondence
· Manually processing paper requests
· Responding efficiently and quickly
· How to do more with less


· Streamline the collection of public requests from many channels (phone call, fax, letter, email or web form)
· Collect confidential information, redact or “black out” with configured exemption codes
· Bundle up responses for immediate delivery based on the requestor’s preference
· Route requests quickly and efficiently through a queue review process
· Generate annual and periodic reports (i.e., DOJ and Vaughn Index reports)
· Tailor to your agency’s review and approval process


· Protected information through role-based security and built-in redaction exemption codes
· Faster assembling of correspondence and response packaging for efficient delivery
· Centralized processing from multiple request channels: web, fax, paper
· Lower your total cost of ownership with our FedRAMP cloud solution
· Compliance with security and records retention
· Ability to search for critical information
· Reduced risk of lost information
· Improved sharing of information
· Increased workload capacity