Governance-Ready Modern Case Management: Meeting The Compliance And Big Data Demands

Challenge of Data Governance – Big Data Demands

The sheer volume of data that most corporations deal with puts a strain on data flow that grows daily. Corporations and organizations are pressured to be compliant with various regulations for securing, retaining and releasing information. But the software infrastructure that enables companies to meet regulations for data storage while maintaining flexibility with that data, is usually a significant investment that few can afford.

However, with the emergence of open source (and reliable) data management platforms like Alfresco, the entrance threshold is now lower. Alfresco is the leading open source DoD 5015.2 complaint ECM (Enterprise Content Management) platform, making it the choice for many public sectors and commercial organizations.

Coupled with leading technologies that make up the entire ECM business process, ArkCase allows organizations to have a fully integrated platform. Everything from data capture, management, delivery to support modernization is handled by ArkCase. This setup helps the organization to both modernize their business processes and adhere to data governance and compliance requirements. Here is a chart of how this coupling is done.

Presentation Layer

The Challenge Of Data Governance

Because its technological requirements are demanding, data governance has been the privileged domain of large organizations with the resources to afford pricey proprietary software platforms.

A rigorous data governance platform can be core to strategic planning and sound risk management. For success, data governance initiatives require a strong foundation on which to manage data as well as maintain storage compliance.  An effective governance platform can support formal processes and the security and quality of internal data.

ArkCase, a cost effective case management platform built on open source technologies, democratizes data governance by core-level integration with Alfresco because it offers the needed reliable data governance of unstructured content.

Proven Data Governance Technology

The ArkCase case management platform offers you solutions to all the technical challenges of data governance. ArkCase builds on Alfresco’s Information Governance suite to provide data governance processes with powerful features such as:

  • A simple, unified data management platform that business users and developers can manage all facets of data governance.
  • Document security that includes encryption in transit and at rest.
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) tracking and reporting, which is essential to an effective data governance program.
  • Identification and mitigation of data quality issues.
  • Document control that includes retention, disposition, and holds.

In other words, the ArkCase platform enables you to store a large amount of big data in a compliant way, without sacrificing the needed flexibility to effectively work with cases.

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