How Adaptive Case Management Systems Maximize Your Department Productivity

Department heads in document-intensive institutions tend to deal with a paradox. The very IT infrastructure that is powering their case management software used in the business transformation is hindering the usability of the solution. This challenge has taken the industry beyond case management applications into the realm of adaptive systems. Studies show that adaptive case management platforms can deliver better outcomes at a lower cost and with higher productivity‒by as much as 30 percent.

ArkCase As An Adaptive Case Management System

An adaptive case management system like ArkCase is based on the realization that end-user journeys blend structured processes and ad hoc events. This is true for most organizations where business processes are built around multiple points of data entry by either third-party organizations or the clients themselves. Adaptive Case Management Systems like ArkCase will have the capability of ensuring workflow as per established business rules, but endpoint users will have the needed flexibility built-in to sometimes work past the limitations when the specific case requires it, for any reason.

ArkCase - Adaptive Case Management

Government: For example, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests or Veteran Benefit applications, the Government has an estimated time period to respond to the request or application.  In responding, the Government may be relying on commercial entities or other Governmental agencies to provide additional information.  In addition, the Government may need more information from the Requestor to properly respond.  An adaptive case management system needs the ability to start and stop the timer based on events so leaders have accurate KPIs to make organizational decisions.

Health Care: Let’s take the case of hospitals and how a patient’s case flows from beginning to end. The pathway might be a clinical protocol or business rule that each case must follow. For example, a rule states every 30 days review a care plan for diabetes patients from Risk Group 1, and key outcome measures such as hospital admissions in a 12-month period. The system then enables detailed reporting on the results, productivity, and process compliance at both patient-level and pathway-level. An adaptive case management tool permits ad hoc steps that differ from one case to the next.

Law and Business: The need for adaptive systems is also applicable to court cases, law enforcement cases and even HR departments. While each department/organization has an established business process, each case is unique in some way. It is the case management system that must adapt to the uniqueness of each case, not the clerk who must adapt a unique case to a restrictive mold.

Improving Productivity – How?

Studies show that the adaptive case management model results in a more effective CMS and ultimately delivers better outcomes at a lower cost. How can this approach improve productivity so much?

working increased productivity arkcase - adaptive case management system

Flexibility is key: ArkCase can run multiple pathways using rules and a configurable workflow engine (i.e. Activiti).  To demonstrate real benefit, case management software must adhere to pre-defined business rules and equally important, meet the requirements of stakeholders – end-users, IT, management, etc.

Thanks to its ability to adapt, Arkcase will enable case managers to process each case as a unique event if and when the situation requires it, without blocking the entire workflow due to some case-specific issues. That way, departments heads will not get skewed productivity data, but more importantly, these specific cases will not be blocked by the system. Instead, case managers will be able to process each individual step because the case management platform is adaptable.


This open-system approach is the key reason why old, proprietary and inflexible case management systems are not the best way for organizations and departments to work. A flexible, event-oriented system like ArkCase helps customers capture all the data needed for any case, and handle situations that are outside the pre-determined business rules.

Even though business processes are standard procedures, sometimes, there are situations when the rigid approach to case management simply will not work. This is why Arkcase allows for the needed flexibility to get the job done, regardless of case specificity.


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