Hyperlink to File in Native Viewer from Search Results

welcome to our case today we’re going to
show you how to search find the document
file and download it in the native
format viewer when you log into our case
you’re going to land on the home screen
or the dashboard screen on the left hand
side you can navigate to the search
module once on the search module you can
enter in any information you want to
search on as you can see a search LUN
investigation they brought back all my
results on the left hand side you’ll
notice you do have search facets or
categories I’m going to narrow down to a
specific category of object type file
once I click on that object type and
narrow down the category or the facet my
search results are now updated and I
have hyperlinks in the search results
and you can see the type is all file I’m
now going to click on the actual name
and you’ll notice it downloads a file in
my tray I can open that file up and
you’ll notice I can now see it in the
native viewer that’s how you search and
download a file in the native viewer