Hyperlink to File in Viewer from Search Results

welcome to our case today we’re gonna do
a search and hyperlink out to the actual
viewer to view the document when you log
into our case you’re going to land on
the home screen or the dashboard screen
on the left hand side you click on the
search module you then can search for
any information that you want to search
for as you can see I searched on
investigation I can go over to my facets
and now narrow down to a document file
all I have to do is scroll down and
actually look for a specific object type
of file and when I update that
information you’ll notice that the
information and the results now will
update as you can see here I do have the
ability to hyperlink on the name the
title and the parent but click on the
parent it will take me out to the actual
parent object or the case file in this
case or I can actually click on the
title and actually hyperlink out to the
actual image as you can see I land on
the actual art case viewer screen I
clicked on that hyperlink which brought
me here I can see the details associated
this document I can see any version any
history associated I also can see any
events that have happened on this
individual document any notes that may
be part of it I also do have the ability
to restrict certain participants to see
or not see this specific document and
also can tag this document so that’s how
you search find a document and hyperlink
it out to the our case viewer