Hyperlink to Parent Object in Search Results

welcome to our case today I’m going to
show you how to search and link out to a
parent object like a case or a complaint
when you log in to our case you’re gonna
land on the home screen of the dashboard
screen on the left hand side you can
click on the search module once you’re
on the search module you can enter it in
any search that you want to search this
can be metadata search or it can be full
text indexing on documents as you can
see here I search on investigation and
you can see all of my actual facets or
categories I can narrow down the
categories by entering in the actual
create user selecting Samuel and then I
can also narrow down to a case file or
an object type you’ll notice that my
actual search results have updated I can
either click on the actual name or the
title and from there it will hyperlink
me out so once I click on that hyperlink
it will actually go out to the case
module and show me the parent object so
directly from the search results
I can hyperlink directly to an actual