For law enforcement/internal affairs organizations and investigation departments, case tracking becomes one of the most important ways to ensure accountability and to increase the success of investigations. In addition to accountability, organizations must also ensure best practices in internal processes throughout the investigation lifespan. Investigations address endless demands and requirements that necessitate process efficiency with innovative tools, superior methodologies, and leading-edge architectures.


  • Inefficiencies to case resolution
  • Not meeting compliance expeditiously
  • Not maintaining case staff audit trail
  • Repetitive case research via different applications
  • Minimizing errors in processing cases


  • Run reports to meet internal and compliance needs
  • Ability to open, re-open, and close cases
  • Prioritize cases based on various filters
  • Determine recommended remedies
  • Track individual cases at each stage


  • Improve resource management
  • Maintain consistent audit procedures
  • Simplify and automate complex processes
  • Reduce the cost of processing investigations
  • Shortening processing time for investigations
  • Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Enhances record, document, and evidence management tracking
  • Increases data quality by eliminating recurring errors and repetitive data entry

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