Manage Documents Using PDFTron Viewer

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Document Management

From the Documents section, you can:

In the Expanded Treeview of the Browse Panel, click on the Documents section title or icon, or from the Navigation Icons Panel select the Document - icon icon to open the Documents section.

Search Documents Table

To search documents, start typing in the search box. Press enter or click the search button.

Add a Folder/Sub-Folder

To add a folder/sub-folder, right click on the folder or sub folder and select ‘New Folder’.

Add a Document

1. To add a document, right click on the folder or sub folder for the document and select ‘New Document’.

2. Select the document type you are uploading.

3. Browse to a local drive or shared drive and select the file(s) to be uploaded.

Add a Correspondence

1. To add a correspondence, right click on the folder or sub folder for the correspondence and select ‘New Correspondence’.

2. Pick the correct correspondence from the list and the correspondence will be generated and added to the folder.

Search for a Document and Add

1. To search for and add a document, right click on the folder or sub folder into which you wish to add document(s) and select ‘Search Document(s)’.

2. Search the repository for any document.

3. Select one or more documents to be added to the request folder.

Note: Duplicate documents are noted with a .

View a Document in the Document Viewer

To view a document, right click on the document and click ‘Open’ or double click the document name. The document opens in the viewer.

Edit a Document

You can annotate, markup, and redact documents in the viewer. Open a document, then click Enable editing.

Annotate/Redact a Document

Annotation Text

1. Click the View menu and select Annotate.

Note: The location of the  View menu depends on the size of your viewing screen. You may see the menu as a dropdown, or as separate buttons.

A text editing menu opens. Hover over the  icons to view their function.

2. Select the Free Text icon, then click and drag a text box on the document. Type to insert text.

3. Select the File menu, then choose Save document.

The text is added over the document.

Note: If you save a document without burning the annotations, the annotations can be deleted. For permanent annotations, select Burn annotations, then save the document.

Annotation Shapes/Stamps

Use the menu to add shapes to the document.

To burn the changes into the document, click File–>Burn Annotations . To save the document as a new version, click File–>Save Document.


  1. To redact a portion of the document, select Redact.

2. Select the Mark Redaction tool.

3. Select areas to redact. You can add as many redaction annotations as needed.

4. Click Burn annotations.

A message is shown that the page will be reloaded. Click OK.

You can choose to download a copy of the document or just save it.

Search the Document to Redact One or Many Matches in Bulk

When a document is open in a viewer (in Edit Mode),  you can add a single redaction annotation or search for a specific term and redact all matches or each match one by one, in a bulk action.

  1. Select Redact if necessary.
  2. Select the Redaction Panel tool.

3. Enter text to search for. The system displays the match.

Select the search result to view all of the matches.

3. Select the items to be redacted. Click Add Mark.

The items to be redacted are highlighted.

4. On the File menu, select Burn annotations. The  page will be reloaded to display the redacted document. You can choose to download the document. The redactions are burned in.

Add Exemption Code(s) to a Document

You can add exemption codes for redactions in documents.

1. Open the document in Viewer.

2. Open the redaction panel.

3. Search for the content to be redacted, for example, phone numbers.

3. Select the dropdown arrow next to the Select Exemption codes field.

4. Select the exemption code from the list and the content to add it to.

5. Click Add Mark.

6. Click Burn Annotations.

The document is updated. The page is reloaded. The exemption code is shown over the redacted area.

Print a Document from the Viewer

1. In the document viewer, select the menu at the top left, then select Print.

2. Choose print options with or without annotations, redactions, document notes, and watermarks.

3. Click the print button button. A print preview window will show, to print to a specific print or save as a PDF.