Media Management


Transcribing audio and video can be a sluggish process. For those looking for a solution to scale or speed up video transcription, a solution is automated audio to text. The solution takes artificial intelligence and uses it to transcribe speech through combining information about grammar and language structure. It will provide the ability for users to correct any transcription exceptions that fall below the configurable confidence rate. Once the transcription is complete, users can store and begin querying that data for any case management research.


  • Lack of support for multiple languages
  • Unable to use media content for case management
  • Not meeting state and federal compliance
  • Slow processing of large audio/video files


  • Ability to manually correct any exceptions that do not meet the confidence rate
  • Integration of automatic transcription with case management system
  • Ability to set confidence rate for transcription results
  • Ability to store and search the transcription content
  • Utilize automatic transcription of audio/video files
  • Closed captioning support


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Meeting accessibility compliance
  • Reducing time to transcription by 8X
  • Ability to assign confidence threshold
  • Creating closed caption for video content
  • Providing searchable text for future search and query
  • Ability to quickly identify exceptions and allow for corrections

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