Media Services

Use the Administration/Media Services option to configure the following:

Transcription Management

Use the Transcription Management option to configure how a transcription will be handled, with the following options:

  • Enable/disable transcription
  • Automated Transcription (on rich media file upload)
  • How to handle new versions of the same media file
  • Transcription Provider
  • Number of Files Processing at the same time
  • Word Count – maximum number of words to be shown in a subtitle at one time
  • Cost Per Second
  • Confidence Threshold
  • Media Duration Threshold in Seconds – maximum duration of video to be transcribed. If a video is longer than this maximum, it will not be transcribed.
  • Silence Between Words in Seconds – the amount of time to wait between words before beginning a new subtitle

Edit the Transcription Details

1. Select Transcription Managment. The Transcription Services options are shown.

2. Enter or select transcription options as needed, then click Save.

OCR Management

Use the OCR Management option to configure Optical Character Recognition for uploaded files.

Check the Enable OCR checkbox, then click Save.

AWS Transcription Management

Use the AWS Transcription Management option to enter your AWS transcription service information, then click Save.