Modern Case Management Systems: How Technology Streamlines Business Processes In Your General Counsel Or Legal Department

Workflow is fundamental to the successful operation of any department. When lacking, it affects the entire business network: colleagues, partners and clients alike.

Departments, especially legal departments, are always managing multiple cases. Cases, which can remain active for years, often involve complex operational processes and require dozens of data entry points. Coupled with the pressure for speedy results, department employees can understandably view their task as an unsurmountable challenge.

Streamlining and automating your legal department’s workflow produces benefits that are key to a better business operation. Foremost, efficiency means time and money. It affects people’s work experience: reducing stress level improves day-to-day working conditions.  And perhaps most important, efficiency in workflow permits increased focus on your clients.

But how easy is it to streamline business processes? There are several ways to go about it.  ArkCase has the features to make it work.

Move From Paper To Digital

One key component is paper.  Going paperless, or at least minimizing the number of paper documents, is a major first step. By doing so, you will more easily file, manage, collaborate and retain your department’s documents.

paperless work legal department

Digital documents will reduce the costs associated with storing and managing. Digital formats increase flexibility important to creating file systems that best fit the workflow(s) in your legal department. The flexibility you gain depends directly on the document management software that your legal department uses. Such software should offer variety options for storing, searching, and organizing data, as well as offering tools for meeting data security regulations.

Alfresco is one of the leading document management platforms that offers all this. It is also an open source case management platform for reliable, compliant document and records management. This is why we at ArkCase picked Alfresco for document management.

Take Advantage Of Linkable, Tag-friendly Data Storage

Web-based platforms provide different ways to organize your documents. Document storage options will depend on the case system you choose. Some permit linking of documents to specific cases. Others allow you to tag documents with descriptive words. With some, you can create custom folders for storing documents. Not all systems give you multiple storage options.

Full-service case management systems like ArkCase allow you to do all three in a FedRAMP cloud environment.

ways of document storage

Streamline Business Processes Using Technology

In addition to creating business-based workflows, ArkCase lets you create and associate task lists, milestones, and deadlines directly to new cases. Repetitive steps take up valuable time. You can reduce redundant processes by auto-generating the content for regularly used documents, creating fillable forms, automating document assembly, and making templates that automate recurring tasks.

These examples show how you can use technology to automate your legal department’s workflow and processes, saving you time and money, while significantly improving the productivity and quality of work your department does.

Choose The Right Tool

Tools like ArkCase provide the technology for to streamlining communication and collaboration processes not only within your legal or GC department but with external departments and agencies, as well as with your clients. ArkCase gives you an ability to communicate and collaborate in a secure online environment and avoid communication breakdown, which can easily happen when complex business processes don’t have a supportive technology. Modern technology like ArkCase offers you tremendous benefit—it is an invaluable tool for helping departments ensure consistent quality of service, timely service, and ease of use. Coupled with industry-leading Alfresco document management, your department will have a case and document management platform with all the flexibility and power needed to run your department smoothly.

streamline technology workflow

Wrap Up

Complex, long-lasting, paper-intensive business processes are key characteristics of legal departments. As such, managing them the old fashioned way is an uphill battle every step of the way. But, technology offers a helping hand on several levels:

  • Digitalization of documents, using Ephesoft, to reduce or even turn the entire process paperless
  • Categorizing and tagging document saving will make document searching a breeze
  • Automating the business process will minimize human error in managing cases
  • Deploying in a FedRAMP compliant environment to minimize security risks
  • Storing in a compliant records management tool like Alfresco provides the information governance and compliancy.

There are many other reasons to switch to a digital, even paperless business processes when managing complex and long-lasting cases in your legal department. Here we just listed a few of them.

Feel free to share your thoughts on other benefits that you see from using modern case and document management systems in your legal department.


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