Navigating Cost Tracking

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Expand Treeview and Navigate Icons

View a Costsheet

You can view one, several, or all sections of an Costsheet by expanding the Costsheet’s view.

1. Click a title from the Browse Panel. The Cost content—metadata and detail—opens in the Detail Frame.

cost tracking

Note: The Costsheet detail sections that automatically open in the Detail Frame depend on the Preference settings (enabled or disabled).

Expand Treeview and Navigate Icons

You can locate and select specific content from either of two links: from the Browse Panel (Expanded Treeview) or from the Cost Tracking section icons in the Navigation Icons Panel (when expanded for view).

From the Browse Panel

1. Click the Expand/Collapse button or double click on the Costsheet’s name to display the sections in a tree view.

2. Click the Section Title or icon to open the section.

cost tracking

Note: Only the selected section will appear. Any other section that is open will close.

From the Navigation Icons Panel

1. From the Navigation Icons Panel (appear in the lower right corner of the module).

2. Only the selected section will appear.  Any other section that is open will close.

cost tracking

Note: Your organization can modify the section titles and the sections available. The section labels you see may be different than the example.

Tip: If the Navigation Icons Panel does not appear expanded along the bottom of the page, click the Expand/Collapse button in the lower right corner of your screen. The Navigation Icons Panel does not automatically display if the Default View option on the Preferences page is set to Collapsed.