Overview of Administration

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The Administration Page

Authorized users configure application settings within the ArkCase FOIA Administration module (Overview of Administration Video). The module is the central location for configuring and maintaining ArkCase FOIA to fit your business needs and operations. ArkCase FOIA streamlines administration by allowing business-level modifications not to require system administration. Authorized users can make easy changes that are effective immediately.

Admin module

Note: The Admin module opens with all subsections displayed in the Browse Panel.

The Admin module is structured for object-based management control. A visually oriented user interface simplifies the capabilities for managing security, setting access permissions, integrating business process, and conforming business context.

Sections within the Admin Module

Sections within the Admin Module

  • Security (Overview of Security)
  • Dashboard
  • Reports
  • Forms
  • Workflows
  • Form/Workflow Link
  • Application
  • Branding
  • Correspondence Management
  • Document Management
  • Media Services
  • State of ArkCase
  • Portals Service

Application objects that can be configured are listed in the Browse Panel. Select an object from the Expanded Treeview to set its configuration.