Overview of ArkCase Search

welcome to our case today we’re going to
give you an overview of our case search
when you log into our case you’ll land
on the home screen or the dashboard
screen there are many ways to search in
the our case application specifically
you will have a quick search in the top
right on each and every page from there
it leads you into the advanced search on
the Left navigation which is the search
module let’s perform a quick search from
this page as you can see I do have
type-ahead capabilities and when I
select investigation it will return to
the results in the search module if you
decide you want to search directly in
the search module just click on the
search module once again understanding
you do have the quick search in the top
right at any time once in the search
module you can type in any search
criteria that you want to type in this
is searching against metadata and full
indexing on all documents as you can see
here I did another search for
investigation you’ll notice that we have
all of our search results and we’ll talk
a little bit about those search results
here in a second but before we do that
you’ll notice on the left-hand side you
have what we call facets or
categorizations these categorizations
lump the information that you just
searched and can allow you to narrow
down the search results for instance if
you wanted to narrow down to a specific
user in addition to that you wanted to
narrow down to a specific object type
like a file or a document you can narrow
down your search results and see that
information if you decide to return to
your original search set just unclick
the first facet you selected and you’ll
notice all of the results go back to the
original in addition in your search
results you do have the ability to sort
each column in ascending or descending
order you do have the ability to do a
first search and a secondary search on
multiple columns you also have the
ability to hide columns if you decide to
hide columns
additionally you do have the ability to
export from this location also if you
click export you’ll notice you have the
CSV file exported in your tray
additionally on the search you have the
ability to hyperlink to many of these
results for instance if I wanted a
hyperlink to directly to this parent
object or complaint I can click on that
actual object once I click on that
object it will actually take me from the
search results directly into that object
to see the details associated this one
happens to be the complaint object also
in the search module you do have the
ability to change the actual amount of
rows that are shown in your search
results so if I wanted 50 rows you would
be able to see 50 rows in your search
which obviously updates your pagination
you do have the ability to jump to next
page or previous page or you can jump to
the last page you also have the ability
to select and enter in which page you
want to jump to by selecting the page
and hitting Enter that’s how you use the
search module in our case