Overview of Audits

The Audits Page

The Audit module makes available a set of parameters for specifying the content of an audit report. This report can then be exported in many different formats.

1. Depending on the audit name/type selected from the Report Name drop-down list, one or more additional parameters will become available to refine the content of the report.

generate audio report

Audit content can be based on type of information (Object to audit), such as complaint, case, task, or file. The option All is also available. Use this option with discretion, the required time and amount of results of too-broad criteria may have minimal advantage.

The All selection, when used with a case file number, shows results for activity that occurred to all related items, for example, tasks, files, users. An entry in the ID field will audit a specific complaint, case, task, or file. You can also define a date range for the audit, the date fields default to the current date.