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The Complaints Module

From the Complaints module, you can see all complaints currently in the system. The module lists complaints in Draft and In Approval states. You can filter or search for Closed complaints, only complaints assigned to you, and for a single complaint. Go to the module to edit a complaint, add supporting documents, update people and participants, and submit a Close Complaint request.

You can locate and open the module from one of two places: from the Navigation Frame or from your Dashboard.

From the Navigation Frame 

1. To open the module from anywhere in ArkCase, click the Complaints tab in the Navigation Frame.

Navigation Frame

Note: By default, ArkCase lists all complaints in the system (all complaints you have permission to view), selects the first item on the list (list is in descending order, newest first), and opens in the Detail Frame all sections that you enabled on the Preferences page.

From your Dashboard

1. If you are the complaint assignee, select the Complaint ID or Title from the My Complaints (widget) list on your Dashboard.

my complaints

Note: Clicking either the Complaint ID or Title in the widget list opens the Complaint.

Complaint Display

When opening a complaint, sections automatically display only if they are enabled in complaint preferences. You can open disabled sections from the links in the Navigation Icons Panel or the Expanded Treeview in the Browse Panel.

Note: The enabled sections that automatically display when you initially select the Task are in read-only mode. To edit information about a task, open the section from the link or Expanded Treeview.

 Summary Panel

A summary (metadata) of the selected complaint appears as the first section of the detail.

Summary Panel

The summary gives a high-level overview of the complaint. The system creates the complaint number, identifies the Owning Group (determined by the assignee), sets the due date, and assigns the state (status). Your local configuration may generate other information.

Complaint Actions

The actions you can take on a complaint depend on your local configuration and permissions. For example, a read-only permission may apply to Complaints to which you are not the assignee or in which you are only following by subscription.

Complaint Actions

Use the Action Panel to:

  • Create a new complaint.
  • Close the complaint and choose to move into case status.
  • Start following the complaint (subscribe) or stop following the complaint (unsubscribe).
  • Restrict view and modification permissions to you (as assignee) and to designated members of the Owning Group.
  • Refresh the current page.

Navigation Icons Panel

If the panel view is expanded, each section can be opened by clicking the associated link.

Navigation Icons Panel

Note: The name of the section appears when hovering over each icon.

By default, the panel view is enabled. To change this, open the Preferences page.

Browse Panel

ArkCase displays a list of all complaints that you are authorized to view or act on. The default order of the list is most note incident date to oldest. The Browse Panel makes available several ways to find and view complaints.

Browse Panel