Overview of Cost Tracking

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The Cost Tracking Page

The Cost Tracking module stores all your Costsheets. Each costsheet is associated with a Request.


Note: When opening the Cost Tracking module, the first sheet on the list is selected. By default, the order of the list is oldest sheet to most recent.

Costsheet Actions

The actions you can take on an Costsheet depend on your local configuration and permissions. For example, a read-only permission may apply to Costsheet to which you are not the associated.

Costsheet Actions

Use the Action Panel to:

  • Create a New Costsheet
  • Edit a Costsheet
  • Refresh the Cost Tracking page.

Cost Tracking Navigation Icons Panel

If the panel view is expanded, each section can be opened by clicking the associated link.

Cost Tracking Navigation Icons Panel

Note: Hover over the icons to view their functions.