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The My Document Repository Page



The My Document Repository module allows users to maintain their personal document repositories without sharing access with any other users.

The My Documents module has the following features:

  • Document Repositories can be added to store different sets of documents.
  • Logged in user can create, edit, delete, and version Document Repositories.
  • Management of folders and documents within a repository: Create, Upload, Rename, Edit, Delete, etc.
  • Document types and formats are not restricted.
  • User can open and view previous version(s) in the same viewer as separate tabs in the viewer.
  • Search across all Document Repositories using Global Search. User can narrow down the Global Search by Document Repository names in the system.

You can locate and open the Document Repository module from the Navigation Frame.

To open the My Documents module click the My Documents tab in  the Navigation Frame.

My Document Repository Display

Note: The enabled sections that automatically display when you initially select the My Document Repository are in read-only mode.

Summary Panel

A summary of the selected My Document Repository appears as the first section of the detail.

Note: The system assigns some information automatically depending on your local configuration.

My Document Repository Actions

The actions you can take on your document repositories depend on your local configuration and permissions.

Use the Action Panel to:

  • Restrict view and modification of a Document Repository.
  • Delete a Document Repository.
  • Subscribe to a Document Repository.
  • Refresh the repository page.
  • Send an email related to the repository.

My Documents Repository Navigation Icons Panel

If the panel view is expanded, each section can be opened by clicking the associated link.

Note: The name of the section appears when hovering over each icon.