Overview Of Requests

The Request Page

The ArkCase FOIA Requests module displays all the requests you are authorized to view. The default Requests list includes all the requests you own (as assignee). The all open requests filter allows you to view those requests in which you are a participant or play a supervisory role, and all others that you have authorization to view.

You can locate and open a request from the Navigation Frame (Queues/Requests Module), or from your dashboard.

From the Navigation Frame

To open the module from anywhere in ArkCase, click the Queues or FOIA Requests Module in the Navigation Frame.

From your Dashboard

If you are the request assignee, click the request from the My Requests widget on your dashboard.

Note: Clicking either the Request Number or Title in the list opens the request in the Request Module.

Global Information

A summary of the selected request appears on the Global Header.

Global Header

Request Information

  • Request Type
    • New Request
    • Appeal
  • Request Track
    • Simple
    • Complex
      • Selecting the complex option changes the time to complete and due date according to the day value stored in the Admin Module for that request track type.
    • Expedite
      • Selecting the expedite option changes the time to complete and due date according to the day value stored in the Admin Module for that request track type.
  • From:
    • Beginning of date range for request
  • To:
    • End of date range for request
  • Delivery Method of Response
    • Web portal
    • Mail
    • Email
  • Disposition Category Options
    • Full Denial Based on Exemptions
    • No Records
    • All Records Referred to another Component or Agency
    • Request Withdrawn
    • Fee-Related Reason
    • Records not Reasonably Described
    • Improper FOIA Request for Other Reason
    • Not an Agency Record
    • Duplicate Request
    • Other
    • Full Grant
    • Partial Grant/Partial Denial
  • “Other” Reason
    • Custom reason option
  • Title
    • Title of the request
  • Description
    • Description of the request
  • Disposition Closed Date
    • The date the request was closed.
  • Processing Fees Waived Up To ($)
    • Fees being waved on the request.
  • Category
    • Commercial
    • Education Institute
    • Non-Commercial Scientific Institution
    • News Media
    • All Others
  • Released
    • The date the request was released.
  • Select Amount Willing to Pay
    • Fees willing to pay on the request.
  • Check to Request a Fee Waiver
  • Check to Request an Expedite
  • Extension Checkbox
  • Litigation Checkbox
  • Fee Waiver Checkbox

Action Panel

The actions you can take on a request depend on your local configuration and permissions.

Use the Action Panel to:

  • Save Request summary details changes
  • Refresh Request details
  • Subscribe to Request
  • Split the Request
  • Claim/Unclaim Request to self assign/unassign
  • Send an email related to the Request
  • Return the Request to the previous state
  • Place Request in Hold Status
  • Complete and move Request forward in workflow

Icon Panel

You can access the same request content using the icon panel at the bottom right of the request page.

Note: The name of the section appears when hovering over each icon.