Overview of Subscriptions

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The Subscriptions Page

The Subscriptions module lists events related to complaints, cases, tasks, organizations, etc. to which you have subscribed.

Overview of Subscriptions

Note: By default, subscriptions are shown by modification date in ascending order. You can focus the results by filters.

View Results

The Subscriptions module’s Detail Frame shows the list of events associated with your subscriptions.

Viewing Results

Note: Your local configuration may look different.

Navigate the results

A page is defined by the number of items you choose to display in the Detail Frame at one time. To change the number of rows that display on the screen, open the Items per page drop down arrow and select 5, 10, 20, or 50 per page.

Navigating the results

Note: By default, the items per page is set to 20.

To move between pages:

1. Use the arrows to go to the next page >or to go to the last page >>and to go to the previous page < or to go to the first page <<.

2. Or use the page up/down buttons to the right of your current page number.

up/down buttons

Result Data Columns

  • Event – Is the system record of an action/event that has taken place.
  • Parent Number – Is assigned by the system when the item is created (note: click the number to open the complaint, case, or task).
  • Type – Identifies each item as complaint, case, or task.
  • Modified – Is the date in which the item was created or last updated.