Portals Service

Use the Administration/Portals Service option to configure the following:

Portals Configuration

Use the ArkCase Portal Settings to configure the public facing FOIA portal where external users can create requests and appeals and download their requested documents.

Note: Learn more about the external user’s FOIA portal here.

In the ArkCase Portal Settings, enter your portal configuration:

  • URL – the URL for the portal itself
  • ID – the ID for the portal connection, as set in the Portal Config file
  • User – the requester username that is used for un-authenticated requests creataed through the portal. In the example below, the requester is ArkCase Administrator.
  • Group – the ArkCase group external portal users are assigned in the system
  • Description – text describing the portal
  • Minimum password length for Portal – minimum number of characters for external user’s password
  • Set Portal in Authenticated mode – requires a requester to register and login to the External Portal before they can submit a request or check a request status
  • Enable Create Anonymous Request – allows a user to create a request without signing in. The name of the requester is not visible to anyone, internal or external.

Logos and Banners

Use the logos and banners option to upload your FOIA portal branding elements:

  • Portal Logo – recommended size 345 x 93 px
  • Portal Login Page – recommended size 345 x 93 px
  • Portal Banner – recommended size 1100 x 90 px

Custom Portal CSS

Use the Custom Portal CSS option to enter your own CSS for your portal.

Click in the Custom Portal CSS field, enter your code, then click Save.